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Let's co-create a realistic health, wellness and well-being plan for you

Many people have the desire to live a healthier, happier, more balanced life. Feelings of overwhelm about how to implement wellness strategies to achieve these goals is often what holds you back from achieving them. 

You’re zoomed in, fully immersed in your life, where things can feel a little cluttered, cloudy, overwhelming. We can look at your picture as a whole and discover clarity to help you aim your life in the direction of YOUR choosing - uncovering your hearts intention, to help live an intentional life. A coach is a persons walking with you to help you achieve your goals.


In the midst of chaos, better known as life, we often lose sight of who we are. Let's uncover mindfulness tools and coaching assessments to reconnect with who you are, in this moment, by focusing on your values, beliefs, attributes and strengths. 

Next, with the use of goal setting and coaching worksheets, we will focus on who you want to become. Imagine how you envision your life. Focus on the direction you are aiming. 

In the gap between who you are and who you want to be, resides your authentic self. Using Well-Being Coaching exercises, we will reconnect you with your authentic self, allowing you to live a satisfied, fulfilled, balanced life that's aligned with your vision. 

Now is the time to check out this transformative service, while it's in it's beta program. Same great service at a discounted rate. 

"Because the coach is not an inquisitor but is really on the coachee’s side in this exploration, the coach can ask powerful questions that break through old defenses. When coachees learn to be curious about their lives, it reduces some of the pressure and lowers the risk. They become more willing to look in the dark places and try hard things because they are curious, too."  -Co-Active Coaching

Provides Emotional Support

Puts the Focus on You

Stress Management

Receive Unbiased Input

Holds You Accountable

Offers Clarity

Coaching vs Psychotherapy


Listens to feelings as a pathway to take action

Inquiry, accountability, goal setting

Future oriented 



Focus on feelings as a pathway to heal pain 

Listening, reflecting, interpreting

Past oriented

4 Types of Well-Being


Growth & spiritual mindset well-being


Career & money financial well-being


Physical & Mental health well-being


Friends & family community well-being


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One Stop Guidance

All in one wellness care

75% of all medical costs are related to an imbalance in our lifestyle choices. Whether that be stress from an unfulfilling career, mental triggers caused by our social relationships, depletion from financial burdens, lack of balance in our physical activity, or mental responses from a lost sense of community, unhealthy choices affect our system as a whole.


Instead of discovering something in session and then outsourcing a solution, we can take action immediately. Talk about efficiency!

Output at a standstill because your body is too

Let's get you on the mat and get your body moving with Yoga
Unable to manage pain, causing you to lose focus

Discover Bodywork to support 
pain management