Meet Nicole


I’m Nicole Starr Bacon


Who’s certainly, not everyone’s cup of tea


Honestly, I don’t really like tea

Most days I prefer whiskey

That's right, for a long time I hated the taste of tea


I hated most things about myself. The negative self talk (one that I didn't put there) played on repeat. To cope, I numbed - through partying, alcohol, toxic relationships, name it. I did everything I could to avoid slowing down, because when I did, I crashed, stuck in a state of depression. I'd burnout, crumble, fall apart, put myself back together and repeat the cycle over and over again. 


Until one day, I had enough. I was sick of my own self sabotage, my avoidance of turning inward, my inability to discover who I really authentically was. 


So, I went to a single Yoga class and came out rebirthed. I remember leaving the class, driving home and seeing a bird out my window. The scene a similar one, but usually, I was too strung out on the viscous thoughts swirling through my mind to notice my surroundings, until stillness made me see what I was missing. 


That’s why I believe in the importance of that first step. That moment when you’re ready to take control of your life and aim it in the direction of your choosing. The excruciating beautiful moment you decide to reconnect with your most authentic self


That first step lead me to another and then another until I was on this journey of self discovery. I fell head over heals in love (literally) and I fell hard, right into the arms of all things wellnessI embraced Yoga and wanted to dive deeper into better understanding its true meaning.


In the frustrating process of trying to “perfect” my practice, I realized I was missing the whole point. I humbly realized that there was no way to ever “perfect” yoga. Yoga is a never-ending practice because every day we, (ourselves, our beings, our bodies) are different and everybody's body is different. Yoga is not just a practice of poses, but a practice of life.


Wanting to expand my training, in 2012, I left everything behind for a month long intensive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica with Jackie Chiado. During this journey, I discovered that my Dharma, my destiny, was to enrich the lives of others through authentic Yoga.


This was not the end of my learning journey, in fact it was just the beginning.


From 2014-2016 I opened, owned and operated a successful yoga studio, called Bending Branch Yoga. I created a community that felt warm, inviting and safe. During this time, along with my deteriorating physical and mental heath and well-being, I realized other growth and healing modalities complimented my yoga practice. 


A natural evolution occurs when you turn towards health, healing, growth and self discovery. Yoga assist you on this inward journey and often that's just the first step in planting a seed for a wholehearted, fulfilled life. Embracing this natural progression, I began to supplement my practice with bodywork, energy work and mindfulness.


In 2015, I became certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork with Michael Sitzer. In 2016, I studied Yin Yoga with Douglas Johnson and am currently training to be an Ayurvedic Practitioner with Anna Russ. In 2021, I became a Holy Fire® Reiki Level II Practitioner and a Holy Fire® Reiki Master in 2022. Currently, I'm finishing my Yoga Therapeutic Specialist  training. 

In 2022 I became a certified Positive Psychology Based Health and Well-Being Coach through the College of Executive Coaching. 


Becoming a mindful mother was incredibly important to me. This drive to break a generational cycle encouraged me to discover positive parenting approaches which lead me to Dr. Daniel Siegel, his books Whole Brain Child, No Drama Discipline and Mindsight Training through the Mindsight Institute, which I am currently attending along with majoring in Psychology and a Mental Health concentration.


I’ve been on this health, wellness and well-being journey for about 14 years, have taught for 13 and am now at a place where I can turn down the volume of the negative self talk. It still pops up, will most likely never go away, but thankfully I know how to respond to it with grace, curiosity, acceptance and can FINALLY say






Let me be your guide on this journey. Let me hold space for all the perfectly imperfect parts of you. Let me help you find the light, when it gets dark. I'm your Well-Being Guide™: Your Guide towards being well and I'm here whenever you're ready.


Rest in Your Radiance, Starrshine 

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Specialties & Certifications

  • 200 E-RYT Yoga Alliance

  • Positive Psychology Health and Well-Being Coach

  • Holy Fire® Reiki Master Teacher

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner 

  • 500 RYT Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist Student

  • Yoga from a Christian Perspective

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Yin Yoga 

  • YM Myofascial Release

  • YM Chinese Medicine

  • Mindsight Institute Student (mindfulness)

  • Psychology Major with Focus on Mental Health Student